I grew up on fantasy: Late nights reading the Dragon Lance Chronicles, and all the TSR books that followed, spending days and weeks designing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, then entire weekends DMing them for my friends. It was this process that introduced me to world building and character creation.

Then life happened. I’ve spent the last two decades writing as a career, the difference being, I’ve been writing software.

Then life came full circle. My best friend came back into my life, and a couple years ago, we reached out to our other gaming buddies and I dug out (and dusted off) the D&D books, and the few ragged remains of characters and other detritus in the bottom of the closet, and began playing again. We created some new characters, reused some of the old. I drew another world map, created cities, oceans, rivers, societies, and adventures, and we began to play.

I’ll admit many of our gaming sessions at first boiled down to rehashing the good ol’ days, but after a while the novelty wore off, and we really began to play, and talk about characters and how fun some of our old ones were, and then an idea struck me: Wouldn’t it be fun to write about my FAVORITE character from the good old days?

My friends said yes, “that would be cool”.

I can remember who my character was when I was playing him, but how did he get to be that person? This is what my book is about, and the world I am building, the one my friends and I adventure in, is the one I hope to immerse you in when you read it.

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