An Update from Eric

I recently published me new short story Cold Cuts in Shopping List: A Horror Anthology by Hell Bound Books Publishing. Get a copy by following the links on the right of the main page and make sure to check out there other books on their website.

In addition, work progressing on my novel, including a name! Shade follows the boy Rylan’s trials growing up in a thieves guild and how it changes him into the man he becomes at the end. It is a dark fantasy novel set in the slums of a harsh city. It has reached the beta reading stage, and I hope to have it ready in the next few months. Stay tuned for more on book one. The first draft of book two is about halfway done.

I attended a workshop last night with the fabulous and always funny Tex Thompson at the Willamette Writers’ Salem Chapter and was not disappointed. I can’t wait to see her again at the upcoming four day retreat and at wwcon2017. Check out her book on Amazon, I’ve provided a link below to book one of her series.

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